Active Directory Alternative Tools

Active Directory Alternative Tools

Active Directory Alternative Tools – Earlier this week, during the main Google Next program, Google announced a new managed service for Microsoft Active Directory (AD). Similar to Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services for Azure, the new Google service allows organizations to deploy Active Directory in the cloud without installing and managing domain controllers on virtual machines (VMs). This allows businesses to easily move legacy applications to the cloud, reducing costs and delivery time.

Transferring legacy applications to the cloud is not the only use case. Many early cloud applications also relied on Active Directory because it was widely used in companies. Although it is clear that Microsoft prefers to use Azure Active Directory (AD) rather than Windows Server Active Directory as the main authentication mechanism for the first cloud application.

Microsoft Active Directory Alternative Tools Managed Services

Google says the Microsoft Active Directory Managed Service (MS for MAD) is a highly available and available Google Cloud service that runs Microsoft AD that allows you to manage your cloud-based workloads, automate the maintenance and security of your AD server, and expand your local AD domain to the cloud. “

Google seems eager to show that what you get is “the real Microsoft AD”, and I suspect this is an attempt to differentiate services from Azure Active Directory, which is actually not based on Windows Server Active Directory even though there are some nested features. Although you can complete AAD with Azure Active Directory Domain Services to get many features available in Windows Server Active Directory.

Other features include the ability to use standard Active Directory Alternative Tools, such as Remote Server Administration (RSAT) tools, and “almost” free maintenance, where Google will be responsible for availability, debugging, baseline security, and network protection. Domains with high availability will be configured in several zones. Google says MS for MAD can be connected to an existing Windows Server Active Directory domain or run as a standalone service.

Active Directory Alternative in Microsoft Management Consoles.

Microsoft Management Consoles have been around since Windows 2000 and are the basis of most GUI configuration tools on Windows Server. If you are a Windows Server administrator, you are familiar with tools such as Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) and Server Manager. Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) Package This package is familiar with the Windows client operating system. Tools have long been built into Windows Server and don’t need to download it. But until Windows 10, 1809, you need to download the appropriate RSAT package for your version of Windows and then install the tool using the control panel.

If you are wondering why I am discussing RSAT now when you encourage Microsoft Windows Admin Center (WAC) as a recipient to manage GUIs on Windows Server, it is because there are still many tools that are not available as part of WAC. Mainly, to managefor  Active Directory. But in general, WAC is the way forward if you want to use GUI tools to manage Windows Server Active Directory Alternative Tools.