Active Directory Domain Services

Active Directory Domain Services

Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services are the basis for distributed networks built on Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating systems that use domain controllers.

ADDS provides storage of hierarchical data that is safe, structured, and safe for objects in the network such as users, computers, printers, and services. The ADDS provides support for searching and working on these objects.

This guide provides an overview of ADDS and sample codes for basic tasks, such as object search and property reading, for more advanced tasks such as service publications. Windows 2000 Server and newer operating systems provide a user interface for users and administrators to work with objects and data in ADDS.

Active Directory Domain Services Management Package

This guide explains how to expand and adjust that user interface. This also explains how to expand ADDS by defining new object classes and attributes. The ADDS Management Package for the System Center provides proactive and interactive monitoring to deploy your Active Directory. It monitors events that place active directory components and subsystems in applications, systems, and service event logs. It also monitors public health from the Active Directory system and provides warnings for critical performance problems. The monitoring provided by this management package includes monitoring domain controllers and health monitoring from the perspective of customers who use Active Directory resources. To monitor domain controllers, ADMP provides a pre-configured set of processing rules, scripts, and processing reports specifically designed to monitor the performance and availability of domain controllers. Because client computers in your Active Directory environment may experience connectivity and service issues, even when domain controllers appear to be functioning properly, ADMP includes an Active Directory Client Management Package, which can help you identify the problem.

Download Active Directory Domain Services Management Package

The Active Directory Client Management Package monitors services provided by domain controllers. Provide information – other than information collected directly on domain controllers – about whether domain controllers are available by running transactions, such as connections and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) commands, to directory services.

Download SC Management Pack for ADDS

The server that is running Active Directory Domain Services also called a domain controller. Authentication authenticate and delegate all users and computers on a Windows domain type network, set and implement security policies for all computers, and install or update software. When the user log in to a computer. Where is the computer is a part of the windows domain.

The Active Directory Tools will checks the password sent. So determines whether the user is a system administrator or a normal user. It also allows information and storage management, provides authentication and authorization mechanisms, and establishes a framework for the deployment of other related services: certification services, Active Directory Association services, lightweight directory services and rights management services.

ADDS is a server role in Active Directory that allows administrators to manage and store information about resources from the network, as well as application data, in a distributed database. AD DS can also help administrators manage network items (computers and end users) and rearrange them in special hierarchies.

Write a strong application that uses ADDS. This guide provides basic information for integrating Active Directory Tools Services in distributed applications designed for operating systems that support Active Directory Domain Services.

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