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Active Directory Reporting Tools Microsoft

Active Directory Reporting Tools Microsoft is the best way to get information from Microsoft Dynamics GP. This is a general question to ask. If you are a beginner or maybe just searching in Microsoft Dynamics GP, you should know that there are several ways to pull data from GP. You don’t even need to ask for IT to do it for you, thus saving time and money.

The following is a list of the most common Active Directory Reporting Tools Microsoft available in Microsoft Dynamics GP and a little for each.

  1. Author Report – This is the default reporting tool since the launch of Dynamics for the first time in the mid-1990s. Editing a report in an author’s report (for example – adding a column) can be a little complicated but it can certainly be done. (The author of the report is included in your GP purchase without additional fees.)
  2. FRx – This is a very good financial reporting tool for reporting all your combined financial statements before 2010. With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, FRx is no longer supported by Microsoft in v2010 and future releases. He has been replaced with a management reporter.
  3. Reporter Management (MR) – is a substitute for FRx. Many of the same concepts are used by FRx. If you have an understanding of Microsoft Excel, this tool must be very user friendly because of the familiar row and row structure. The report manager will also be used to prepare financial reports such as cash flows, budget budgets, and income statements. You do not want to use MR to print a list of items sold. You will do this on SmartLists, see below. (MR is included in your GP purchase without additional fees Active Directory Reporting Tools Microsoft)
  4. Smartlist – This is a function that comes with a predetermined query and someone can provide some restrictions to exit the required data. After the data is restored, it can be exported to Microsoft Excel or Word by clicking the button. (Sweet!) This is where you go to print a list of items sold or a list of employees.
  5. Smart Menu Builder – Sometimes specific questions don’t provide the information you’re looking for, so open and create additional tables, views, or queries that give you that information. If you use Payroll and HR, many of our customers buy SmartList Builder to run a “what if” scenario with salary increases and price scenarios.
  6. Word Template – Sometimes you may have a position where the report writer works properly for all your needs. Then, for example, your company expands and wants to have different logos for invoices and A / R data. Word templates allow you to use existing templates and modify them using different logos, then save them as different names. When it’s time to activate your invoice, you can choose which form to use based on the company you are following. (Word templates are included in GP purchases without additional fees.
  7. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) – This tool extends reporting flexibility with more than 90 embedded reports. If you want a more beautiful report (more than a report writer), you can use a wizard that is also easily published. Those who are familiar with Crystal Reports may feel comfortable using SRSS too, because they are very similar for Active Directory Reporting Tools Microsoft.

Let’s conclude the Active Directory Reporting Tools Microsoft!

What is the correct reporting tool? Well, the answer is “it really depends”. If your needs are very simple, using the Writer Report Writer tool that is ready may be enough. However, if you want to get more detailed financial information, Management Management is the right way. If you want something better, but need more flexibility, you might want to consider SQL Reporting Services (SSRS).

Exporting data to Excel?

If you need to get information from Microsoft Dynamics GP quickly and can “run” with it in Microsoft Excel, Smartlist or Smartlist Builder will be your favorite tool.

Personalize your report

Finally, if you have some need for the same type of information, but it must look a little different, Word templates will be something to look for, including company information or logos on invoices and A / R data in Active Directory Reporting Tools Microsoft.

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