Azure AD Application Proxy

Azure AD Application Proxy

Azure AD Application Proxy to provide secure remote access to applications in place with employees who currently want to be productive anywhere, anytime, and from any device. They want to work on their own devices, be it a tablet, a cell phone, or a laptop computer. They hope to be able to access all their applications, both SaaS applications in cloud applications and projects. On-site access to applications typically includes virtual private networks (VPNs) or demilitarized zones (DMZs). Not only are these solutions complex and difficult to make them safe, but they are expensive to manage and manage.

The modern workforce in the mobile world requires first, the first cloud a new solution for remote access. Azure AD Proxy is an Azure Active Directory feature that provides remote access as a service. This means that it is easy to implement, use and manage. To see if certain features are supported by your license type, check the Azure Active Directory Directory page.

The Azure AD Application Proxy Tools

Azure AD Proxy Application provides comprehensive access (SSO) and secure remote access to web applications hosted on the site. Some applications that you want to publish include SharePoint sites, Outlook Web Access, or other LOB Web applications that you have. The web application in this place is integrated with Azure AD, the same control and control platform used by O365. End users can access applications in your location the same way they access O365 and other SaaS applications integrated with Azure AD.

You do not need to change your network infrastructure or you need a VPN to provide this solution to your users. Azure AD Proxy provides a simple, safe and cost-effective remote access solution for all applications in your area. The Azure AD Proxy application (AAD Application Proxy) is completely different. The connection is initiated by the connector, which is a lightweight proxy that sits on Windows Server on your internal network or the Azure virtual data center. Only use port 443/80 to do this. Therefore, no incoming connections are required for each firewall or device.

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However, end users explore the public Web site ( to access their application. This site is owned by Azure AD The intranet application can be found here. Additionally, the same intranet application can be configured to be secured by AD Azure. This results in easy integration of multi-factor authentication and Azure AD-based conditional access, with a much improved security and seamless management experience!

Because the user interface is an alternative solution run by Microsoft, it reduces the surface of the attack to solve itself dramatically! Problems with DDoS etc. are no longer a problem for the management team, but Microsoft needs and takes steps to attack in Azure AD Application Proxy.