Google Cloud Platform Console

Google Cloud Platform Console

Understanding the Google Cloud Platform Console

Google Cloud Platform Console is a Cloud Computing service product from Google which consists of 4 types of services, all of which aim to create a cloud-based / computing-based internet project that can be used on a global scale. As for the 4 types of services are Google AppEngine, Google BigQuery, Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage.

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Advantages of Using Google Cloud Platform Console Services:

  • Data Security:Using Google cloud platform services allows us to have highly guaranteed data security, this is an important factor for building an internet-based service.
  • Flexible: Wherever we are we can access data that we store on Google Cloud easily and all we need to provide is internet access. You can also use the RESTful API so that your friend’s applications can be integrated with Android or iOS-based smartphones.
  • Centralized Data: Centralized storage is needed to build a large-scale service, especially if there are many users of the service.
  • Saving Costs: If we think of long-term investments, Google Cloud services can reduce the cost of procuring the infrastructure system that we need to build an application for our business.

Service Type Google Cloud Platform

Google AppEngine
Google AppEngine is a google service that allows you to create and run web-based applications. This service has a free and paid version that you can use, For the free version provided 500 MB of storage space, Processor Capacity and Bandwidth offered by Google AppEngine is capable of 5 million page-views every month.

At the beginning of the launch Google AppEngine only supported the Python programming language, then developed it again to support Java, PHP, Go, Ruby technology and equipped with Google Farmework. Website – large scale website built with Google service products on this one.

Google BigQuery
This Google service is very suitable to be used as a tool for analyzing large size data to reach a Terabyte or Petabite with only a matter of seconds. This service is very suitable for large-scale business applications. To help analyze their business transaction data the large companies are use the Google BigQuery from Google Cloud Platform.

Google Compute Engine
Google Compute Engine is a type of Cloud service offered by Google to help us build a cloud server, this service will be able to fully control Linux machines built on Google servers. This service can accommodate web applications that are built using the Ruby or PHP programming language.

Google Cloud Platform Storage
Google Cloud Storage is one of the service products from Google that is devoted to developers as a medium for storing data with a very large size. This service allows you to create a file sharing service, share videos or share photos very easily without thinking about how to build server infrastructure in Google Cloud Platform Console.

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