ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a solution for security and compliance in the use of information technology. ManageEngine itself is an information technology management company that works in a timely manner. The ManageEngine company has announced in addition to user behavior analytics or often abbreviated with UBA into ADAudit Plus Tools.

There are also Active Directory Tools (AD Tools) that have been integrated with Azure AD or Azure Active Directory on Windows Server, file servers and workstation audit solutions. The latest version of ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is available which will be able to help information technology and information technology security in detecting threats that previously could not be found while also reducing the number of positive errors.

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus and the rest from information technology management solutions at GITEX Technology Week at D user analytics behavior i World Trade Center, Stand B7-01, Hall 7. In detecting insider threats that continue to challenge organizations of all sizes and detect in need basic determination of normal activities that are specific to each user over a long period of time and report any deviations from the rules. Humanly impossible for information technology security professionals to carry out these detection tasks. this is due to insider threats that occur under the control of solutions that do not utilize the user behavior analytics program.

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus Review

With a user-based model of behavior, ManageEngine ADAudit Plus can detect potential insider threats and automatically notify relevant personnel. Reducing false positives in the form of warnings that indicate a threat that does not really exist. The main cause of delay in detecting violations is something. According to a survey published by SANS Institute in June 2017 only half of the respondents detected violations in less than 24 hours. False positives can be reduced by setting a specific threshold for each user based on their level of activity.

Fertilized activities can be detected using blanket thresholds throughout the organization. This is another task that cannot be done by information technology security professionals manually. Activities that are trapped between lower organizational threshold values ​​that have been set so that they will trigger more false positives. Or by configuring a higher threshold value and skipping violations that the security team often chooses first. With its dynamic alert threshold, ADAudit Plus will be able to reduce the number of false positives and buy a lot of time for the security team to focus on real indicators of compromise.

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus feature

Windows Active Directory Auditing in Real-Time that will ensure important resources in the network such as Domain Controllers are audited, monitored and reported with all information about Users, Groups, GPOs, Computers and OU changes with 200+ detailed event specific reports and instant email alerts. There is also Windows Logon / Logoff Auditing that can audit critical user logon workstations & logoff times along with the duration of time. Windows Audit File Server that will be able to track file creation, deletion & modification of official / invalid access, with detailed forensic changes to documents in file and folder structures, permissions and shares safely.

Windows Audit Server: Track Logon / Logoff, Terminal Service Activity, Schedule to track events such as RADIUS Log, History Logon, and Logon Duration. The audit related process can be saved tab by Tracking Windows Schedule work. Compliance Audit Report: Audit and report any changes in the Windows Active Directory & Server environment. Meeting SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA & GLBA Compliance Requirements that require effective information security controls ensuring continuous monitoring.

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus Tools

Analysis of user behavior in ADAudit Plus Tools will apply machine learning to create a baseline of normal activities specifically. This will be done at each for each user and will only notify the security officer when there is a deviation from the norm values set in this tool. For example, users who consistently access important servers outside working hours will not trigger false positive warnings because the behavior is typical for that user.

On the other hand, ManageEngine ADAudit Plus Tools will immediately alert the security team when the same user accesses the server for a time they have never previously accessed, even though access falls within working hours. Because of the ability to detect superior threats, user behavior analytics must be part of any organization’s security framework. This is why it causes ManageEngine to combine the capabilities of user behavior analytics into its products.

This combination of UBA and ADAudit Plus’s real-time audit capabilities and provisions for configuring tools to act automatically in the event of a violation and have a threat detection tool and the desired robust response. With more than 200 reports and real-time warnings, ManageEngine Tools will provide knowledge about the user behavior of analytics carried out on the content and configuration of Active Directory, Azure AD, and Windows servers.

In addition he provides insights about workstations and server file access (including NetApp and EMC). ManageEngine ADAudit Plus will help track the flow of incoming and outgoing users, analyze account locking, both ADFS audits, ADLDS and printer cycles in forwarding logs to SIEM devices and so on.