Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory is a set of services that help you manage users and devices on the network. For example, you can manage access to Microsoft SharePoint by using a different Microsoft AD security group. You can create administrator groups and other groups for users with read-only access.

You can also allow users to log in to Microsoft SharePoint and other Windows applications that support SSO by using a set of Microsoft AD credentials. Expand your Microsoft AD domain to the Cloud with directory services for Microsoft AD. You can expand Microsoft AD internal domain to the Cloud more easily by using the Microsoft AD directory service, also known as Microsoft Managed AD.

Microsoft Active Directory Manager

Microsoft managed AD allows you to use Microsoft AD managed in the cloud. Microsoft AD is based on the actual Microsoft AD and does not require you to synchronize or copy data from Microsoft AD to the Cloud. You can use a standard Microsoft AD management tool and utilize the Microsoft Active Directory built-in features, such as Group Policy, Trust, and Single Sign-On (SSO).

With Managed Microsoft AD, you can easily join Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS for SQL Server domains to domains, and manage access to IT company applications, such as Amazon WorkSpaces, with Microsoft AD users and groups. Microsoft AD Insight Logging Package provides a set of custom analysis and graphical analysis of Active Directory record files to effectively solve Active Directory problems running problems.

Microsoft Active Directory Download

After you download and install this content package in Log Insight, system administrators can begin to understand their Active Directory record files in a few minutes. Operating tasks, including anomaly detection, the ability to return to yesterday’s events, and / or the ability to quickly sort records in a more organized way, are many of the many features of this content package. Active Directory system administrators who are looking for more systematic methods to collect and analyze log files of all distributed.

Active Directory components (including AD security, domain name services, and / or distributed file systems and / or domain services) must consider this content package for Log Insight. Simple Log Insight technology for deploying scale architectures is the ideal way to collect up to 45,000 messages per second on hundreds of nodes, including all of these Active Directory components. Active Directory content packages fill the menu bar within the product to display DNS, DS, DFS, and security records filtered in each of these categories.

Insight logs provide very simple graphical representations, especially those related to registry events. Height can be recognized in the number and type of messages received as events with external notifications. The system administrator can look for this event to see where and why it was made. The Active Directory content package includes eight information boards that contain a total of 37 tools to quickly view and analyze Microsoft Active Directory log messages.