PRTG Network Monitor


PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor is a network monitoring program without proxy from Paessler AG. They can be monitored and used as frequency ranges and other statistics from different hosts such as adapters, routers, servers, devices, and other applications. The first version of PRTG was released on May 29, 2003 by the German company Paessler GmbH (now: Paessler AG), which was founded by Dirk Paessler in 2001.

The PRTG Monitoring Tool has a predetermined auto-discovery mode in the company area and lists this Data Device network . In the next step, you can retrieve more information about the devices detected using various communication protocols.

PRTG Network Monitor Free

Typical protocols are Ping, SNMP, WMI, NetFlow, jFlow, and sFlow, but communication via DICOM or RESTful API is also possible. This tool is only available for Windows systems. In addition, Paessler AG offers a cloud-based “PRTG hosted by Paessler” solution. Programs are configured for specific purposes. For example, there are HTTP, SMTP / POP3 (email) sensors, and hardware sensors for switches, routers, and servers.

The PRTG Monitoring contains more than 200 different sensors that take statistics from the monitored situation, such as response time, processor, memory, database information, temperature, or system status. Web interface and desktop client. All software packages run through the AJAX-based web interface. The web interface is suitable for real-time problem solving and data exchange with non-technical staff throughout the map (dashboard) and user-defined reports.

Additional management interfaces in the form of desktop applications for Windows and MacOS are also in beta mode. Notifications and reports. Communication channels such as email and SMS are also provided through payment notifications on smart phones using iOS or Android applications.

Install PRTG Network Monitor Driver

The PRTG Monitoring can be installed for Windows 7 SP1 on a computer running a version of Windows 7 or Windows 7 SP1 for Enterprise, Professional, or Ultimate. This software can only be installed on computers running Enterprise 7 versions, Windows 7 or Windows 7 Enterprise, Professional, or SP1 versions, cannot be installed on the target server that you want to manage.

Download and install the PRTG Network Monitor package here:

PRTG Monitoring Free Download


PRTG also provides customized reports. The PRTG Monitoring License is based on sensors. Most devices require 5-10 sensors to be fully monitored. The version with 100 integrated sensors is available for free. PRTG Monitoring is a professional tool for monitoring your network and activities. This program can use various sensors to track a particular device’s time, for example, bandwidth usage, service availability, and more.

The initial settings are also amazing, because PRTG Monitoring generally does a good job of automatically detecting different devices. If you run the program and let it run for a while, just click (for example) the network card will display a graph to use the current bandwidth, and no additional configuration is needed. There are many features that determine how to go beyond the basics that can be taken, although limited documentation doesn’t help you much.

Please note that the free version of the PRTG Monitoring is limited to 100 sensors, with a minimum interval of one minute (therefore, bandwidth usage fees will not be recorded, for example, only one reading every 60 seconds). If this doesn’t seem enough, you can use the same download to install the trial version (just select this option during setup). You then get a 30-day unlimited use of the program, giving you enough time to find out which business releases are right for you in PRTG Network Monitor.

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