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Remote Desktop Software for Microsoft Remote Desktop Manager or also often referred to as Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan), which is a useful server tool. Microsoft Remote Desktop Manager can create one site for IT administrators so that it can be used to manage, group and manage communications so they can manage several computers / desktops that are connected.

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Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager was designed by the Windows Live Experience team for internal use. To be fair, there are some good things about Remote Desktop Connection Manager that must be mentioned. For example, it is useful for sysadmins and other IT professionals to use only Windows-based systems that require regular access to computer groups, labs, or server farms.

It is also possible to set up connections based on groups and combine multiple RDP connections into one window. Of course, Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager is free. However, Remote Desktop Connection Manager has several main limitations that must be considered by IT professionals who are looking for a decent remote connectivity tool. Once again when Remote Desktop Connection Manager was first released, it was adopted by IT professionals and produced many fans.

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But that was many years ago. Time has changed – but RDCMan doesn’t happen. It can be said that the biggest weakness is the lack of integration to save time. The best that IT professionals can do with RDCMan is to use it with external applications such as TeamViewer and LogMeIn. But it does not have the local ability to integrate tools and centralized control. Only for Windows distribution when Remote Desktop Connection Manager reaches the location, many IT professionals (most of them already) work in the Windows environment.

But today, IT professionals need to switch between platforms to remain productive and effective – but RDCMan remains exclusive for Windows use. This makes dozens of IT professionals working in Mac or Linux environments looking for alternatives. Fundamental to their balance, Microsoft does not demand huge demand from RDCMan and vows to do things that cannot be done in Microsoft Remote Desktop Software Free for Windows and Mac.

Actually, this is an official description: Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager can manage many remote desktop connections. This is useful for managing large lab servers or farm servers where you need regular access to each device such as an automatic access system and data center. Is that Microsoft Remote Desktop Manager is a tool with very basic was never designed to handle the advanced functions needed by IT professionals, such as managing special accounts, securing sensitive data, generating strong passwords, creating audit logs, use 2FA, etc.

Actually there are many good alternatives for Microsoft Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager. In the end, it depends on what you need now and in the future. This is something I have done in the past until I found the Microsoft Remote Connection Manager. This is a great tool that makes life easier and will include some great things you can do with it. I plan to be very insightful in this publication, so I expect a lot of screenshots and information in Microsoft Remote Desktop Software.

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