SolarWinds Application Monitor

SolarWinds Application Monitor

SolarWinds Application Monitor all applications, any server, anywhere with the SolarWinds® Monitor & Application (SAM) Server. Be proactive with the performance, capacity and health of Linux and Windows applications across data centers, remote offices and the cloud.

Comprehensive Microsoft Monitoring Server Monitoring Software for Microsoft Applications, Systems, Hypervisors, Cloud and SaaS. Monitor the cloud infrastructure on the screen and notify Azure and AWS infrastructure metrics in the same control panel for your internal applications and systems.

One control panel to monitor 1200+ vendors, servers, databases and storage applications from one easy-to-use and customizable Web interface. Time is provided with SAM server monitoring tools to provide application discovery, infrastructure, templates, and predetermined reports automatically. Automatic application discovery and dependency planning.

SolarWinds Application Monitor Driver

Download, install, find your environment, and start monitoring for one hour with the help of SAM’s simple server monitoring tool. No professional services needed. You can quickly monitor the performance and availability of Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS infrastructure. Monitor infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Provision of end-to-end system performance and application monitoring using agent-based techniques and agent and system-based metrics. SAM server management tools can monitor many data centers, remote locations and other cloud service providers. Embedded templates provide best practices.

Monitor system and application performance for more than 1,200 supported applications and systems, such as Active Directory, Java, XenApp, IBM WebSphere, Skype for Business, and Office 365 via email. Get more in-depth application monitoring with AppInsight ™ Dashboard for Exchange, Microsoft IIS, and SQL Server.

SolarWinds Application Monitor Features

See application level details at the code level with integrated application performance monitoring. Set infrastructure dependency from smart applications to implement centralized application infrastructure interconnections. Customizable maps can help you make logical applications easily. Quickly visualize communication through server and application reliability.

Credit Infrastructure Maps to see the full picture, helps you identify the root of application performance problems. Can determine where application problems usually appear in just a few seconds using the SolarWinds Server Management SAM software. Monitor internal virtualization. Health and performance measurements on Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX. Monitor the health and availability of virtual hosts and guests other than physical servers.

SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor Integrations

Integration with Virtualization Managers SolarWinds® in SolarWinds Application Monitor who provides more in-depth insight into solving virtualization problems. Monitor server size and capacity planning. Monitor server storage volume, disk usage, and out-of-box metric capacity. Integration with Monitor Storage Resources SolarWinds provides more insight into storage troubleshooting in SAN and NAS environments. Comprehensive customization gives you the ability to monitor what you want and what you want.

Create custom screens, modify default templates, and import existing custom scripts using SAM monitoring tools for servers, applications, and other related services. Supported by Extensible and Extensible SolarWinds® Orion® platforms. Integrated with other Orion® Platform products for integrated server monitoring and deeper insight into web, storage, network, database and virtual resource performance.

Reduce false positives with smart basic alarms. The Orion platform also allows you to adjust warnings and embed reports easily if needed. Hardware, software and report inventory. SAM server management solutions are designed to automatically detect and assist information about hardware and software remotely on all servers and workstations. There is no more manual tracking using spreadsheets.

Automatically detects network-based relationships. Automatically detects and visualizes network-based relationships between applications and servers. Check and monitor incoming connections and analysis of network metrics, including response time and packet loss. Get help determining whether network connectivity problems affect important business applications using SolarWinds Application Monitor.

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