SQL Server Data Tools

SQL Server Data Tools

SQL Server Data Tools is a modern development tool for creating relational SQL Server databases, Azure SQL databases, Analysis Services (US) data models, Integration Services (IS) packages, and Reporting Services Report (RS). With SSDT, you can design and use all types of SQL Server content as easily as you use applications in Visual Studio.

Installers include available Visual Studio instances to add SSDT tools to it. If Visual Studio is not installed, installing a SQL Server Tools instance installs SSDT with a simple version of Visual Studio, but for the best experience, we recommend that you use SSDT with the latest version of Visual Studio.

SQL Server Tools changes database development by providing a comprehensive advertising model that covers all stages of database development in Visual Studio. You can use the Transact-SQL SSDT design capabilities to create, debug, and maintain databases. You can work with a database project, or directly with a copy of the database that is connected or exiting.

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The SSDT platform validation ensures that the script works on the target you specified. SQL Server Object Explorer in Visual Studio provides a view of your database objects that are similar to SQL Server Management Studio. SQL Server Object Explorer lets you manage your database and design work.

Developers can use Visual Studio tools that are known to develop databases. Tools such as: code navigation, IntelliSense, language support that is equivalent to C # and Visual Basic, platform validation, debugging, and declarative editing on the Transact-SQL Editor. SSDT also provides Visual Table Designers to create and edit tables in a project database or in the case of connected databases.

When working on database projects in a team-based environment, you can use version control for all files. When it’s time to publish your project, you can publish to all supported SQL systems, including SQL and SQL Server databases.

You can easily create, edit, rename, and delete stored tables, procedures, types, and functions. You can also edit table data, compare graphics, or execute queries using contextual menus directly from the SQL Server Object Explorer.

Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools Management

Using SSDT, you can create a database project offline and implement schema changes by adding, modifying, or deleting object definitions (represented by scripts) on the project, without connection to the server instance. All of this can be achieved using Table Designer or Transact-SQL Editor.

Then write and debug Transact-SQL and CLR objects in the same project. You can use schema comparisons to ensure that your project stays in sync with the production database, and makes a snapshot of your project at each stage of the development cycle for comparison purposes.

When working on your database project in a team-based environment, you can use version control for all files. After developing, testing, and debugging a database project, you can send your project to individuals who are authorized to be placed in the production environment in SQL Server Data Tools Management.

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