SQL Server Management

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is the first software application released with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 that is used to configure and manage all components in Microsoft SQL Server.

SQL Server Management Tools Component

  1. Object Explorer: An Object Explorer is a component that can be used to view and manage all objects in one or more instances of SQL Server.
  2. Template Explorer: Object Explorer is a service that will provide a way to use Template Explorer to create and manage orthogonal text files that can be used to speed up the development of queries and scripts.
  3. Solution Explorer: How to use Suspended Explorer Solution to create projects that are used to manage management elements such as scripts and queries.
  4. Visual Database Tool: How to use visual design tools included in Management Studio.
  5. Query and Text Editors (SQL SSMS): How to use the Language Management Studio editor to interactively query and text text.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Download

Download SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS)

The main feature of SSMS is the Object Explorer, which allows users to browse, select, and act on any object on the server. It also sends a separate Express Edition that can be downloaded for free, but the latest version of SSMS is fully capable of connecting to and managing each instance of SQL Server Express. Microsoft also includes backward compatibility with earlier versions of SQL Server, which allows newer versions of SSMS to connect to earlier versions of SQL Server. Version 18 is based on Visual Studio 2017 Isolated Shell. In June 2015, Microsoft announced its intention to release the SSMS version in the future independently of the SQL Server database engine version.

Download SQL Server Studio 17.9.1
Download SQL Server Studio 17.9.1 Upgrade Package (upgrades 17.x to 17.9.1)
Download SQL Server Studio 18.0 (preview 6)


Beginning with variant 11, this application depends on the Visual Studio 2010 shell, utilizing WPF for the UI. SSMS is a coordinated situation for dealing with any SQL framework, from SQL Server to Azure SQL Database. SSMS gives devices to arranging, checking, and overseeing SQL examples. This instrument incorporates a content tool and graphical apparatus that works with server items and properties.

Use SSMS to deploy, monitor, and update the data layer components that your application uses, and generate queries and scripts. Use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to ask about database design, design, and repository management, wherever they are – on your local computer or in the cloud. SSMS Installation Tips and Problems (SSMS 17.9.1): Take the following actions to reduce the possibility of SSMS Setup requiring a restart at the end of the installation: Make sure you are running the latest version of distributed Package C Distributing Visual C ++ 2013.

The version 12.0.40649.5 (or higher) is required. Only x64 version is required. Verifying the version of the .NET Framework on a computer is 4.6.1 (or greater). Close each example of Visual Studio that is open on the PC. Ensure you have introduced all the most recent working framework reports on your PC. This methodology is generally required just once. There are a few cases that require restarting amid extra updates to a similar principle SSMS rendition. For minor updates, all SSMS essentials are introduced on the PC. SQL Server Management Studio 2017 and 2018 Free Download