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The Introduction of Windows Admin Center Project

Windows Admin Center

The Windows Admin Center was formerly named as the Honolulu Project project which was first launched by Microsoft on September 14, 2017. This was done as an evolution needed from the Windows Server graphical user interface (GUI). Officially launched in a public preview package under the code name Project Honolulu at the Microsoft Ignite 2017 conference in Orlando, Florida.

The Admin Center is able to offer a flexible browser-based management platform and tool that can be deployed locally. The idea behind this project is to be able to help simplify server management. This can be done by placing the majority of frequently referenced tools used by system administrators in one place. On April 12, 2018 the project left a preview and was named Windows Admin Center.

Server compatibility for this tool is intended to be able to manage Microsoft Windows Server 2012, 2012R2, 2016, and 2016 platforms version 1709. Admin Center also supports Windows 10 (local or remote) client management with fewer tools. In order to be able to manage Windows Server 2012 / 2012R2, there are prerequisites for installing Microsoft Windows Management Framework (WMF) version 5 or higher to utilize the PowerShell feature that is not included with the operating system version.

Microsoft Windows Admin Center Support

Through the web-based Admin Center interface, you can add servers to manage, even though there are currently no discovery options available for organizations with large server footprints. When it comes to installing the Admin Center, it can be installed on the Windows 10 operating system, Windows Server 2016, or Windows Server 2019. Installing the Admin Center requires up to 64MB Microsoft Installer Package (MSI).

Walking through the installation will ask for a port to serve the website on, as well as the ability to generate a self-signed SSL certificate or use an SSL certificate from your Certificate Authority, for example. In the case of configuration options, only that is needed to install. When finished, access the Windows Admin Center via the web. You need to add a server to manage it.

Simplified management with the Admin Center arises because “IT admins have repeatedly told us that PowerShell is needed but not enough, and the ease of use of Windows Server is still very dependent on GUI Tools for core scenarios and new capabilities” built by the Windows Admin Center off from the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) that was first introduced in Windows 2000.

Microsoft Windows Admin Center Software and Download Support

Windows Admin Center Driver Download


It takes some of the most commonly accessed management utilities, such as Event Viewer, Roles and Features, Hyper-V management, Windows Firewall, and Registry editor and combines them into an intuitive interface and easy to access web-based, which makes accessing these items simpler and easier. Windows Admin Center is a browser-based application that customers use to manage servers, clusters, high converged infrastructure, and Windows 10 PCs.

Appears without additional costs outside Windows and is ready for use in production. Introducing the Windows Admin Center. Windows Admin Center is a rearranged, incorporated, exceptionally secure cloud-prepared server the executives arrangement. Simple to utilize beginning from downloading the installer to dealing with your server in under five minutes. Simple and light. Familiar tools are simplified to make management tasks easy.

Install in less than five minutes and manage the server in your environment immediately without the required target configuration. Built for the future and integration with Azure services helps you take advantage of the power of hybrid technology. Manage clusters converging with powerful but simple tools. Highly secure management and controls that can manage servers and get information about actions taken by administrators in your environment.

The Windows Admin Center offers various installation options, depending on your scenario. Install the Admin Center on your Windows 10 PC, on a Windows Server 2016 server, or one of our supported operating systems. Manage Windows Server machines. Easily manage your server and infrastructure including processes, updates, devices, and events using tools you already know.

Windows Admin Center Extensions

Extensions for Windows Admin Centers. Partners and developers can use the capabilities in the Admin Center to expand their capabilities using the Admin Center SDK. The Admin Center is built as a platform that can be expanded to allow partners and developers to take advantage of the capabilities available in the Admin Center, integrate seamlessly with other IT administration products and solutions, and provide added value to customers.

Every solution and tool in the Admin Center is built as an extension using the same extension features available to partners and developers, so you can build powerful tools like those available in the Admin Center today. Admin Center Extensions are manufactured utilizing current web advancements including HTML5, CSS, Angular, TypeScript and jQuery, and can oversee target servers by means of PowerShell or WMI.

You can likewise oversee target servers, administrations or gadgets through various conventions, for example, REST by structure the Windows Admin Center entryway module.

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