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PowerShell Foreach Loop

The Foreach loop in PowerShell allows you to iterate through each item in a collections, such as array, collection of objects, or the output of a cmdlet.

It simplifies the process of iterating over data and performing on each item individually.

Syntax of the Foreach Loop

The syntax of the foreach loop in PowerShell is as follows.

foreach($item in $collection){
    # code to execute for each item

In this syntax:

  • $item: represents the current item being iterated over.
  • $collection: is the array or collection of items being iterated.

How to Iterate Over Arrays using Foreach Loop in PowerShell

$languages = @("Python","PowerShell","Rust","Java")

foreach($lang in $languages) {

     Write-Host "Language: $lang"


In the above PowerShell script, the $languages is an array that stores the languages. Using the foreach loop, it iterates over the collection of items in the array and print the language in the console.

Language: Python
Language: PowerShell
Language: Rust
Language: Java

How to Iterate over Outputs from Cmdlets using Foreach Loop in PowerShell

Get-Process | foreach {
   Write-Host "Process Name: $_.Name, ID: $_.Id"

In the above PowerShell script, the Get-Process cmdlet outputs the list of processes as a input to the foreach loop.

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I hope the above article on how to use the foreach loop in PowerShell is helpful to you.

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