PowerShell Tutorials

PowerShell is a powershell command-line shell and scripting language developed by Microsoft. It offers tools and cmdlets for managing Windows systems and applications.

This page covers a wide range of PowerShell cmdlets and how-to useful for system administrators for task automation and configuration management.

How to Get IIS version Using PowerShell

Find DSC resources in PowerShell

Find Modules in PowerShell

Find Script in PowerShell

PowerShell List Installed Modules

How to Open URL in Browser in PowerShell

PowerShell Get Process Name

How to Get Process Id Using PowerShell

How to Get Module Path in PowerShell

PowerShell Get Column Names For a CSV File

PowerShell Import CSV File With no Headers

install PowerShellGet module

PowerShell Variables

PowerShell Read Only Variables

PowerShell For Loops

PowerShell Foreach Loop

PowerShell Foreach Object

PowerShell if else Statement

PowerShell Switch Statement

PowerShell Arrays

PowerShell MultIdimensional Arrays

How to Register Dll in Gac Using PowerShell

How to Get Network Adapter Driver Version Using PowerShell

How to Get Network Adapter IP Address Using PowerShell

Use PowerShell to Find Network Adapter Status

PowerShell Get Netadapter

PowerShell HashTable

PowerShell Clear Variable

Compare Two Arrays in PowerShell

Compare Two Lists in PowerShell

Compare Two Files in PowerShell

How to Compare Version Numbers in PowerShell

How to Compare Two HashTables in PowerShell

PowerShell concatenate String

PowerShell Replace String in File

PowerShell Replace Special Characters in String

PowerShell Replace Double quotes

PowerShell Replace Multiple Strings in File

PowerShell Replace Wildcard

PowerShell Set Environment Variable

PowerShell Functions

PowerShell Scopes

PowerShell Strings

How to Use Try Catch Finally in PowerShell

PowerShell Add member

PowerShell Add type

PowerShell Echo Variable

PowerShell Output to aFile

PowerShell Output Table

PowerShell Format Table Column Width

PowerShell Extract text from String

PowerShell Count Files in Folder

PowerShell Count Lines in File

PowerShell Get Length of Array

PowerShell Remove duplicates from Array

PowerShell Rename Files

PowerShell Rename File With Date

PowerShell Check if Registry key exists

PowerShell Delete Registry key

PowerShell Delete Registry value

PowerShell Get Registry value

PowerShell Set Registry value

PowerShell List Environment Variables

PowerShell Get Environment Variable

PowerShell Remove Environment Variable

PowerShell Delete File if it exists

PowerShell Delete Folder if exists

PowerShell Delete Files matching pattern

PowerShell List Files in Directory to text File

PowerShell Directory Listing

PowerShell List directories

PowerShell Directory Listing to CSV

PowerShell Get Last Modified File in Directory

PowerShell Get File Modified Date

PowerShell Get File Creation Date

PowerShell Get Folder Creation Date

PowerShell Get File Properties

PowerShell Get File owner

PowerShell Delete all Files With Extension

PowerShell Delete Multiple File extensions

PowerShell Delete all Files in Folder

PowerShell List Files in Directory

PowerShell List Files by Date

PowerShell Delete Files older than x days

PowerShell Delete Folders older than x days

PowerShell Set owner of File

PowerShell List Files Modified after Date

PowerShell Find Files Modified in Last hour

PowerShell Find Files Modified by User

PowerShell Find Files Modified Between Dates

PowerShell Create a File

PowerShell Create File With Date in Name

PowerShell Create File With Variable Name

PowerShell Check if File is Empty

PowerShell Get FileName from Path

PowerShell Get FileName Without Extension

PowerShell Get File extension

PowerShell Get File Hash

PowerShell Get md5 Hash

PowerShell Create Registry key

PowerShell Get File version

PowerShell Find Empty Folders

PowerShell Create Folder With Date

PowerShell Spaces in Path

PowerShell Get month Name

PowerShell Get Date Without Time

PowerShell Get Date minus 1 day

PowerShell Compare Dates

PowerShell Date difference

PowerShell Datetime Format

PowerShell Convert String to Datetime

PowerShell Convert Date to UTCTime

PowerShell subtract time

PowerShell Get Last character of String

PowerShell Get First character of String

PowerShell Get FirstItem in Array

PowerShell Convert Array to Comma Separated String

PowerShell Slice Array

PowerShell Array of Strings

PowerShell Convert Array to String

PowerShell Convert Object to String

PowerShell Convert String to Double

PowerShell String Length

PowerShell Find duplicate values in Array

PowerShell Get Childitem With Filter

PowerShell Get Folder Size in GB

PowerShell Get Childitem Full Path

PowerShell Get Childitem Files only

PowerShell Get Childitem File Size in Mb

PowerShell Check if Variable is null or Empty

PowerShell Get LastItem in Array

PowerShell Get Childitem Exclude

PowerShell Get Childitem Hidden Files

PowerShell Get Childitem Large Files

PowerShell Get Childitem With Multiple Filters

PowerShell Get Childitem Filter regex

PowerShell Get Childitem Modified Date

PowerShell Delete Empty Folders

PowerShell Add New Line

PowerShell Export CSV no Header

PowerShell Import CSV into Array

PowerShell Import CSV Foreach

PowerShell Export CSV no quotes

PowerShell Export to CSV With Headers

PowerShell Read CSV File Line by Line

PowerShell Format Table CSV

PowerShell Get CPU Usage by Process

PowerShell Get CPU Usage

PowerShell Get Memory Usage

How to Get Process List in PowerShell

PowerShell Get Process

PowerShell Get RAM Details

PowerShell Rename Folder

PowerShell Get First Line of File

PowerShell Get Content Skip First Line

PowerShell Convert String to int

PowerShell Get Content Remove First Line

PowerShell Remove Blank Lines

PowerShell Remove Blank Lines from CSV

PowerShell Remove Spaces from String

PowerShell Split String into Variables

PowerShell Replace text in String

PowerShell Convert Bytes to GB

PowerShell Get Partition Size in GB

PowerShell Remove Empty Rows From Array

PowerShell Remove Null Values From Array

PowerShell Get Date with UFormat Parameter

How to Change the Created Date of a File in PowerShell

How to Change the Last Modified Date of a File in PowerShell

PowerShell Subtract Dates

How to Convert Date to Epoch Time in PowerShell

How to Compare File Dates in PowerShell

How to Get Date TimeZone in PowerShell

How to Check if a String is Empty or Null in PowerShell

Find If Element in Array Using PowerShell

Check If String Exists in List of Strings in PowerShell

How to Extract Substring Before Specific Character in PowerShell