Netwrix Password Manager

Netwrix Password Manager

Netwrix Password Manager gives end users the ability to manage their passwords securely and complete account lockout accounts in a self-service manner without help desk staff. This allows organizations to implement strong password policies in the Active Directory environment to meet regulatory compliance requirements and overcome identity management challenges.

Password management is the most common IT support problem, with most workloads from supporting offices in many organizations. The complexity of passwords and password expiration requirements causes passwords to be forgotten and frequent account closure, increasing the overall administrative burden.

What is Netwrix Password Manager?

Netwrix Password Manager is a simple and cost-effective solution that allows users to reset forgotten passwords, solve account locking problems, manually unlock their accounts through web-based self-service portals, and integrate with standard Windows logon procedures. This product uses a security question and answer system for user authentication.

First, users register by creating their own profile. After the profile is created, users can manually manage passwords and accounts after the answers are sent from the profile. All account operations are recorded for organizational compliance and easy access by IT staff who are interested in monitoring password management activities. Netwrix Manager supports with the ease and convenience of domain accounts.

Are you wondering how this password management solution works in a separate network environment? Netwrix  fully supports roaming user scenarios. NPM was recognized as a representative by Gartner as an Active Directory Specialist on June 6, 2014, the market leader for password management tools.

Netwrix Manager is available in free software and standard versions. Check the table below to determine which version is most suitable for you. The free edition has certain limitations but never expires. Standard Edition can be evaluated for free and without limitation for 20 days.

You might want to read more about the release of the Netwrix Password Manager product for a detailed explanation.

  1. Reset Forgotten Passwords / Unlock Accounts: Users can reset passwords and unlock their own accounts after successful answers to identity questions
  2. Change self service password: Change password for self-service for domain users via a simple web form
  3. Extension Login Request: Allows you to reset your password directly on the login screen without having to access your web browser
  4. Operation Transfer Mode: Allows remote users who do not have access to the domain when logging in to reset passwords after answering verification questions
  5. Password reminder: With password expiration warnings available on Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory (separate licenses) users will be notified before the password ends so they can change their password quickly to avoid downtime and cancel users
  6. Non-intrusive policies: No changes to the AD scheme or system configuration are needed
    Web Portal: There are no installations on desktop and desktop computers (unless you want to use the sign-in extension online)
  7. Help Desk Delegation: The password can be reset and the account is easily reopened to the Help Desk staff
    Audit, security and compliance: All password reset operations and account opening processes are recorded in detail for security and compliance purposes
  8. Account alerts: Email notifications can be prepared to notify administrators and end users about certain account operations, such as registration, password reset, and so on Netwrix Password Manager.