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Netwrix Password Manager

In the Active Directory, user administration includes multiple tasks like enforcing password security requirements, implementing group policies, etc…

The system administrator has to carry out a lot of activities like creating a new user in the active directory, user account management, and when the user left the organization or changes the business unit, remove the user from the domain.

There are various tools available in the market for Active Directory User Management and password management.

Netwrix has a lot of freeware tools for password and identity management like

  • Network Account Lockout Examiner – Identifies the root cause of user account lockout to quickly solve the issue
  • Netwrix Bulk Password Reset – Change user account password in bulk
  • Netwrix Inactive User Tracker – It tracks the user account that has been inactive for a specified duration
  • Netwrix Password Expiration Notifier – It automatically sends email notifications to users when their password is about to expire.

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