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RDCMan Download or Remote Desktop Connection Manager Download to manages several remote desktop connections. This is useful for managing a large lab server or server farm where you need regular access to each device such as an automatic access system and data center.

This is similar to the Remote MMC Integrated Desktop, but is more flexible. Remote Desktop Connection Manager version 2.7 is the main version of its features. Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10 Tech Preview, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows Server.

Separately, I want to talk about the program, which I happened to find. This light weight (less than 800 KB), as shown, does not require a very suitable program that arranges hundreds of parameters, does not support the surface, and does not require a separate database to store connection parameters. But they do very basic goals. It’s called Remote Desktop Connection Manager as Microsoft calls it.

RDCMan Download Free

The latest version returns to 2010, but does not affect functionality. I reviewed the work of servers 2000 and 2008R2 (starting in 2012 there was no chance to test). In addition to a series of standard functions such as storage, replacement of logins / passwords, favorites etc., this program has a solution, or rather three.

Ability to connect to the console. For me, this is very useful, because companies strictly comply with licensing policies, so terminal services are not installed on each server. By default, Windows Server allows two remote desktop connections simultaneously.

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The same function allows you to “raise” the third limit. Yes, yes, it is a standard customer, but not all competitors. Interactive thumbnails for connections open, updated in real time. You cannot see what happens to many servers simultaneously, but you can also click, for example, OK in the pop-up window, directly on the thumbnail. Certainly not the main feature, but not seen among competitors.

See list of server trees and open connections. It’s good to get used to a little and show it’s more comfortable than tabs. Again, IMHO, so in third place. Windows system administrators generally choose RDP to manage servers. Managing multiple servers using Remote Desktop Tool is easy and practical. But if we have 50-100 servers or more, it can be a nightmare. We must remember their IP address or host name and write it down every time we want to contact them.

There is an original solution provided by Microsoft called Remote Desktop Connection Manager or Remote Desktop Connection Manager. Remote Desktop connections are stored in a lean database. For the first time you have to use this database. This provides flexibility to use multiple databases that contain different data sets. We can also easily share existing databases with others. You must create a database for Remote Desktop Connection Manager to store session information that is stored.

Today’s technology is far from closing the gap between Windows and Mac applications, especially in companies. However, there are still gaps for some who need bridges to navigate between computing environments. For Mac users, the support tool is the Microsoft Remote Desktop connection. Now available through the Mac App Store, which allows users to connect remotely to the Windows desktop to access LAN files, applications, and resources.

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