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Best Remote Desktop Connection Manager Tools

Remote Desktop connection manager helps system admin to organize, group, and manage remote connections, and sessions. It stores all the remote desktop sessions’ passwords securely.

The Remote desktop connection manager consolidates all remote sessions in one place, making it easier for IT admins to safely use log-in to many RDP connections.

In this article, I will list my best remote desktop connection managers to handle multiple remote sessions daily.

Best Remote Desktop Connection Managers

Here are the best remote desktop connection managers

  1. Dameware Mini Remote Control

Dameware mini remote control software is one of my top picks for remote connection managers and is designed to support help desk needs and customer support.

It is available for Windows and Windows servers.

  1. ManageEngine Desktop Central

ManageEngine Desktop Central is a unified endpoint management (UEM) solution that helps to manage servers, desktops, and mobile devices from a central location.

Desktop Central is available on Windows, Linux OS, and Mac operating systems.

  1. Royal TS

Royal TS is a comprehensive remote management solution compatible and works with a variety of connection types.

It’s an ideal tool for IT admins or system admins who want to access remote systems with different protocols. It is available on Windows and Windows Server.

  1. mRemoteNG

mRemoteNG is an open-source, multi-protocol remote desktop connections manager to view all remote connections in a tabbed interface. It is available for Windows operating systems only.

  1. Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager

Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager centralizes, manages, and secures all remote connections on a single platform.

The remote Desktop manager provides free editions for individual users and has paid plans for helpdesk professionals or IT teams.

It is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Remote Desktop Connection Managers

Let’s understand remote desktop connection managers in detail with their features and limitations. It will help you to decide to pick the best remote desktop connection manager for your job.

Dameware Mini Remote Control

Dameware Mini Remote Control software is an affordable solution for all your customer support and help desk professionals.

It provides faster problem resolution.


The important key features of remote control software are:

  • Supports multi-platform desktop sharing and remote control. It allows you to connect to different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Provides remote access to sleep mode or powered-off computers.
  • Provides multi-factor authentication.
  • Offers flexible user access control.
  • Provides easy customization and deployment of remote control agents.
  • Offers many remote session tools and utilities.

Download Source

You can download a fully functional 14 days trial period

Dameware Mini Remote Control Software Download Link

ManageEngine Desktop Central

ManageEngine Desktop Central is Unified endpoint management (UEM) solution that remotely manages servers, desktops, and mobile devices from a central location.

It’s a desktop management solution that can be scalable as per organization requirements.


The important key features of Desktop Central software are:

  • It supports installation on Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating Systems.
  • It Provides automated regular endpoint management to automate patch deployment for different operating systems.
  • Provides more than 4500+ pre-defined application templates to deploy software to all the endpoints.
  • Manage your mobile devices to deploy profiles and policies.
  • It manages all mobile devices centrally using mobile device management.
  • Provides endpoint security by controlling applications, and devices in your network.
  • Automate deployment of OS on Windows computers and required drivers using OS deployment.
  • Provides IT asset management inventories for hardware and software.
  • Easily troubleshoot remote desktop using Remote Control.
  • Provides 25+ pre-defined configurations such as Power Management, USB device management, security policies, and many more.

Download Source

Desktop control is available in 4 editions: Free, Professional, Enterprize, and UEM.

You can avail of 30 days free trial of Desktop Control software and manage unlimited endpoints. It is available for cloud edition as well as on-premise download.

Royal TS

Royal TS is remote access software used by system admins, and IT administrators to work with remote systems under different protocols like RDP, VNC, HTTP/S, SSH, and many more.


The important key features of Royal TS software are:

  • Provide cross-platform remote management solutions to monitor devices like Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows systems.
  • Provides credential management support for automatic login and gateway credentials.
  • Provides completely secure and remote desktop gateway support based on SSH tunneling.
  • Safe and Securely share a connection with the team while keeping your personal credentials private.
  • Offers dynamic folders, and file transfer.
  • Automate repetitive tasks and key sequence tasks.

Download Source

Royal TS is available in different versions.

The lite version is free and offers up to 10 connections and credentials. Click here to download the Royal TS lite version.

Other Royal TS versions are:

Individual User License, Volume-based License, and Enterprise License.

Royal TS Download link


mRemoteNG (Multi Remote Next Generation) is a fork of the open-source project mRemote.It’s having a tabbed interface to display all remote connections and supports a multi-protocol and remote connection manager for Windows.


The important key features of mRemoteNG software are:

  • Supports different connection types such as VNC, SSH, RDP, Telnet, RLogin, and many more.
  • Provides a powerful tabbed interface to display different connections.
  • Organize all RDP and SSH connections.
  • Provides additional tools such as SSH file transfer, External tools, and Port scans.
  • Import information from Active Directory.

Download Source

mRemoteNG application is free to use and available for download on the below link

mRemoteNG Download link

Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager

The Remote Desktop manager centralizes all remote connections on a single platform that is securely shared between users and the entire team.


  • Supports many protocols.
  • Centralizes and manages secure remote connections.
  • Supports cross-platform connections.
  • Offers Centralized Password Vault to store all your passwords and credentials.
  • Supports secure access to critical assets
  • Supports a large number of data sources allowing for database sharing such as SQL Server, MariaDB, and many more.
  • Provides easy administrative management on mobile devices.
  • Offers Audits and Reports based on specific criteria.
  • Provides Role-Based control access system

Download Source

Remote Desktop Manager is available in two editions: Free and Enterprise edition

The Free edition is designed for individual users who don’t need to share remote connections and passwords with other IT teams.

Click here to download the free edition.

The Enterprise edition is for MSP, System Admins, and help desk professionals who need to share remote connections and privileged passwords with the other team members.

Click here to download the enterprise edition, remote desktop manager, for 30 days trial period.


Managing multiple remote connections in a day is a very tedious process if you do it on daily basis.

Remote Desktop Manager manages multiple remote connections and keeps them secure.

It makes IT admin life easy by providing different options to manage remote sessions, desktop sharing to quickly solve problems, and using different connection types for remote connections.

Choosing the right software depends on the organization’s requirements, the kind of problems you want to solve with software, types of devices in your organization.

Having premium tools help you to provide many options for remote desktop management, IT assets management, and troubleshooting.

I hope the above provides a list of remote desktop connection manager tools to help you to find the right application for your needs.

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